Workshop Details

Saturday 25th March
Time: 10am to 3pm

Where: Birdcage Hotel Longreach
31 Duck Street, Longreach


Please register and tell us a little about your art work.

Creative Business Masterclass

How to create an art career…

Artists, creatives and makers: it’s time to make your art marketable!
You have created the art; you likely have a lot of questions about how you’re actually going to make a living from it.

  • Who will take my work seriously?
  • Is my work professional enough?
  • Can this really become a full-time profession?
  • How do I take that next step?
  • What assistance is available for ongoing advice, mentorship and help?

You are not alone and Creative Business Masterclass is going to show you how.

We have asked 3 highly successful business professionals in Western QLD to share with us one way that they create income from their business. We have challenged these creative experts to share their secrets and vast insight in the industry.

This FREE Masterclass will be filled with decade’s worth of wisdom, knowledge, and mic-drop moments from 3 veterans:

Their secrets to success are here to help you develop your creative business, to help take the guesswork out of the process and improve your chances of success.

Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton RESQ
40 years experience, a High-level business strategist, revenue and market growth expert with extensive corporate knowledge.
Liz McClymont
Liz McClymont
Founder of Bush Christmas has started conversations, lifted spirits and created jobs and saved businesses throughout the outback, helping pivot creatives into a business and drive sustainable success in the bush.
Kirsten Forrest
Kirsten ForrestWestern Emporium
Artist and founder of Western Emporium: Through new thinking, transition, and innovative connections Kirsten’s work spans mediums and styles and has seized the momentum to catapult her career to the next level allowing her to transform passion into revenue.


Are you a hobbyist, crafter, maker or up and upcoming artist? Do you love to make things and would like to take that next step into business?

We are looking for:

  • Visual artists; Painting & drawings
  • Illustrations
  • Sculptures
  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Weaving and textiles
  • Confectionary, cooking and baking which incorporates art in its packaging
  • Leather work
  • Photography
  • Digital art NFT
  • Video
  • Print making
  • Books, poetry and literature


This project was proudly supported by:

The Regional Arts Services Network is an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. CQUniversity is serving as the Central Queensland RASN Provider from 2022 – 2025.