Central Queensland Artists: Shanay Prince, Lorraine Maskell, Charlotte Fisher
Curator: Katrina Elliott
Medium: Photography

This collaborative exhibition is a result of an online photography workshop that took place in July this year. The Workshop encouraged the Central Queensland participant to look at the storytelling component of photography and capturing emotions. Photography is a wonderful universal communication tool, especially when there may be language barriers.

How quickly can a smile or watching someone laugh change our mindset, it’s almost contagious! We invite you to share in spreading this contagion. Smile at everyone that passes you! These talented CQ Photographers have captured the essence of happiness with the hope to spread in on to everyone that passes by.

We would also like you to join us in this exhibition with your own creative photos. Post images of people laughing and doing things that make them happy. Share them with us by adding a #CauseitmakesmeHappy to your post.